Fort of July

Florian Slotawa – Forts – 90’s hotel art project

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For an arty look at more Fort Projects :

Isn’t this awesome material in preparation for Fort of July? Florian
Slotawa writes on his webpage about this art project (which he has
done in the late 90s, so, it’s a while ago): “The photographs were
made during travels. At night the contents of a hotel room were
rearranged into a shelter and then documented with a camera. Before
daybreak the furnishings were moved back into position, so that room
service found everything in its original state.”
On his webpage you find the project presented in
the year 2001, Szenenwechsel XX, at the Museum für Moderne Kunst,
Frankfurt am Main and again in 2007,

Tourist´s Tale, Aarhus
Kunstbygning, Aarhus.

A temporary fort made of hotel room materials

  1. Yo Andrea, I met you today at the Berkman talk, Michelle, who works at Lord Hobo. I was silly and got your Fort of July thing but not any contact info. Anyway, find me on Facebook so we can be friends. Michelle Forelle. I’ll leave more constructive comments on here later!

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