Fort of July

Huh? Fort of July?

In Uncategorized on June 7, 2010 at 8:59 pm

well yea, when’s the last time you got together with a bunch of friends and neighbors and did something for the pure fun and happy pleasure of it? our study has shown (a rather shabby qualitative study) that at the mention of “fort of july = building a fort” – listeners’ eyes start to sparkle and a memory-bubble forms above their head with recollections of amazing forts built in childhood (or last week).

why are we spreading this idea around instead of just inviting our 500 closest friends over to play in the park? well shucks…you’d be bummed if something this fun and creative was going on and you weren’t able to come and play.

so we’re turning over the awesome idea to everyone – the more forts the merrier. you already (probably) have the day off, you’re already planning on some tomfoolery, there will probably be some ankle-biters around (who would LOVE to have something to do besides overdose on hotdogs and sparklers). need there be more reason?

if you got more fodder for the unconvinced – slather it on in the comments. let’s get this fortify this community!



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