Fort of July

Building up for(t) 2013!!!

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It’s amazing – the Fort of July is in its fort(h) year of celebrating, fun-loving, giggle-giving, creative-spouting, community-engaging, ultimate experience.

Wherever you find yourself: gather up your friends/family/neighbors, find some interesting fort-building supplies and let your imaginations go wild as you tap back into that happy place building temporary spaces together. 

so on July 4th:
* get a gang together
* brings fort supplies – sheets, pillows, boxes, ladders, tree fronds, whatever-is-clever! (build inside, outside, anyside)
* build an awesome fort
* play together, in the flesh and using fun flashy techy tools to connect forts in worldwide

ideas = welcome! spreading the idea = super welcome! making it blow up = well duh!

if you want to add to the fort of fun:



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let’s play C O N N E C T F O R T – hop onto the G+ fortofjuly hangout and we can all fort together!

FortofJuly 2013

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Get a fort going on this middle-of-the-week holiday, this will be a fortastic year to celebrate the fortofjuly!Image